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Gonzo de Mondo: Complete information, Personal life and Bio

Gonzo de Mondo

Gonzo de Mondo: Complete information, Personal life and Bio

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Gonzo de Mondo is an Irish wrestler. He is the brother of Irish WWE Superstar Becky Lynch. You might know him as the best wrestler, and Gonzo de Mondo is his stage name. He is one of the best wrestlers in wrestling and well known worldwide. He has a huge fan following, and people love him. People like his wrestling skills, which he used to defeat one wrestler right after another. Every wrestling fan is also a fan of Gonzo de Mondo and loves his fighting skills to take down his opponent fighters.

If you want to know all about it, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will learn about Gonzo de Mondo and about his life. Continue to read this article if you want to get all information about Gonzo de Mondo.


Gonzo de Mondo—–General Information



Gonzo de Mondo





Birth Place  

Dublin, Ireland






Dublin, Ireland








Father Name 



Mother Name 




One sister “Becky Lynch.”


Favorite Actor 

Colin Farrell


Favorite Actress 

Satires Ronan


Favorite Pet 



Favorite Color 



Favorite Place 



Favorite Singer 

Niall Horan


Favorite Food 



Favorite Drink 



Marital Status 







179 CM



58 KG


Eye Color 



Hair Color 




Gonzo de Mondo—Personal Life 


Gonzo de Mondo is a famous wrestler and the brother of the WWE superstar Becky Lynch. He has a huge fan following. People are a fan of his fighting skills and love him. The real name of Gonzo de Mondo is “Richard Quinn,” and Gonzo de Mondo is his stage name. He is famous for his stage name Gonzo de Mondo. According to the best resources, Gonzo de Mondo is a professional wrestler who has special wrestling skills to bring his opponents down in a swift mode.

He is also the older brother of Becky Lynch, who is also a wrestler in World Wrestling Entertainment WWE. She also has a huge fan following worldwide due to her wins in WWE. Both brother and sister get high popularity among people all over the world. The real name of Becky Lynch is Rebecca Quinn, but she is famous by his stage name as his elder brother.


Profession or career 


Gonzo de Mondo is an Irish wrestler by profession. He has a great skill in wrestling which people like. People love his fighting skills and method of defeating his opponent on the wrestling court. There is not enough information about the start of his career as a wrestler. He is popular among people all over the world.

He has excellent skill in beating his opponent and bringing his opponents down during the fight. The primary reason for his popularity among people is his fighting skill and the wrestling of his younger sister. Both brother and sister gained popularity among people due to their wins in wrestling as Irish wrestlers.


Education ofGonzo de Mondo


There is not enough information about the academic life of Gonzo de Mondo. It seems that he and his sister are unlucky in the academic field. It looks like they do not have any achievement in their educational occupation. That is why they do not announce something about their educational vocation. Their fans are still unknown of their academic life and educational achievements. Gonzo de Mondokeeps his educational information hidden from his fans and followers.


Parents of Gonzo del Mondo


The parents of Gonzo de Mondo are not lived together because they are separated. They divorced when he and his younger sister were kids. Their parent divorced after a fight, which finished their relationship. The divorce of Gonzo de Mondo’s parents has a wrong impression on him and his younger sister. They faced many complications in their life due to their parents’ divorce.


Reason for Popularity of Gonzo del Mondo


Commonly, people thought that the popularity of Gonzo de Mondo was due to his wrestling profession. That is very true. He is well known as the best Irish wrestler and has incredible wrestling skills. He is famous for his fighting skills and to skills by which he defeats his opponents. His younger sister is also a wrestler. She played a vital role in his popularity with the help of the fights she won in WWE. Both the siblings are the best wrestler and are popular among people all over the world.


His Net Worth 

He is a famous Irish wrestler by profession. The primary source of his income is his wrestling profession. The estimated net worth of Gonzo de Mondo is around about $3000 000. This net worth is because of his wrestling career. Fans loved his looks, so they spent more money to see him on the wrestling stage. Like him, his sister also has a significant net worth of Four million dollars, and she lives a wild and luxurious life, which she deserves.

Gonzo de Mondo is his stage name, and he is famous by his stage name, not by his real name. People also know his real name, but his fans and followers mostly used his stage name to call him.


Interesting facts about Gonzo del Mondo


The career of Gonzo del Mondo


Gonzo de Mondo is a famous and popular Irish wrestler. He is famous among people all over the world and he is well known for his wrestling profession because people like his wrestling style. He is popular among people and started his career as a typical wrestler. After wrestling in WWE, he became a famous wrestler.


Career Data



Gonzo del Mondo





Starting of in-ring career 



Ending of in-ring career 



In-ring Experience 

3 years


Wrestling skills 

All-rounder, Techniker


Trainer of Gonzo de Mondo

Darren Burridge


Signature move of Gonzo de Mondo

De Mondo Driver




Sister of Gonzo del Mondo “Becky Lynch”


Gonzo de Mondo has a younger sister Becky Lynch who is also a professional wrestler. They both are famous for their wrestling all around the world. Becky Lynch is renowned for her achievements in WWE and has won many fights or battles in wrestling. They both are a sign of the best fighting in the field of wrestling.

People are well aware of the name Gonzo de Mondo and his younger sister Becky Lynch because they are both popular worldwide.


Quick facts about Gonzo de Mondo’s sister ‘Becky Lynch.” 


Becky Lynch is his younger brother, and she is a famous Irish WWE wrestler. Both siblings are famous due to their wrestling careers and profession. Their fans and followers love their fighting skills. Both sister and brother are too close with each other after their parents’ divorce. Their parents divorced for some reason, which harmed them.

 Real Name 

Rebecca Quinn


Nick Name 

Becky Lynch, Becky Balboa, The Irish Lass Kircher, maiden Ireland



Professional Wrestler



5 feet



61 KG


Figure Measurement 



Eyes Color 



Hair Color 




Personal Life of Becky Lynch (Gonzo de Mondo’s Younger Sister)



Becky Lynch


Real Name 

Rebecca Quinn


Date of Birth 

30 January 1987


Age (as in 2019)  

35 years


Birth Place 

Dublin, Ireland


Zodiac Sign 







Dublin, Ireland






Dublin Institute of Technology Columbia College, Chicago



Degree in Acting


Mother Name 







1 Brother Gonzo del Mondo



 Final Words 


Wrestling is a source of entertainment, and most people love seeing wrestlers fight each other. He is one of the best wrestlers and fighters in WWE. He fights many battles and gets popularity among people due to his fighting skills.

The way of wrestling Gonzo de Mondo is the primary reason for its popularity among people all over the world. Mondo is also famous due to his younger sister Becky Lynch, a wrestler in WWE. He loves his younger sister and desires to be a good wrestler like his sister.

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