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History of the Fun obby and Why It’s Still Fun Tradition

Fun obby
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Roblox is one of the renowned and major gaming platforms that people widely use worldwide. It provides an incredibly fun source to people who like games and want to enhance their gaming skills. On Roblox, people can play games created by others and can develop their games. Fun obby is also a variety of games in Roblox.

This article contains information about fun obby. Therefore, if you want further information, you are in the right place. Read this article carefully from start to end to get further information about fun obby.

What does it mean, fun obby?

Obby is the short term used for “Obstacle Course” in Roblox. It is a series of games provided by the Roblox gaming platform to people to enhance their gaming skills. All the fun hobbies are made up of parkour and many other different techniques.

Parkour is the short slang on Roblox that is created for obstacle courses. It was invented when people felt that the title of games would cut off with “…” at the end, so the term obby was used to see the full title.

Fun obby Creator

Obby Creator is the game which is originated on the Roblox platform. Whirlpool Studio created the fun obby game. This game enables gamers to develop their obbies and play obbies developed by others.

Features of fun obby

It is a game offered by Roblox and developed by Whirlpool. This game offers many features to people from which few major features are mentioned below:

LinkingUsing this gaming platform, players can play obbies developed by others. They can like games developed by others by hitting the green tab using a thumb up in front of their obbies. An obby with all the likes appeared on the weekly highly rated board. If a player gets enough likes, his obby can appear on the weekly top board.



If an obby is unsuitable or intentionally making the server lag, you can report that obby by hitting the red key with a flag located at the front side of the obby. When you access someone’ssomeone’s obby and your obby, then a red colored flag appears on the obby’sobby’s GUI setting. When you hit it, it does the same thing as the report button.

Claim an Obby

A red-colored gateway is situated casually using any of the servers to play the obby game. When you hit that red-colored gate then a GUI will show on your screen. You will first meet with five vacant hobbies and can get two options: “Rename” and “Load.” You can rename any obby by hitting the rename option and load any obby by hitting the load key.

Developing an Obby

You will need 5000 cash. To spend those cash, placing and scaling a part are the only ways to create an obby. If you want to get a high amount of money, you need to be patient for a flat 1 minute.

When you play the obby efficiently, then you will get 500 cash every minute. You will find many types of parts like advanced, custom, essential, moving, pre-made, special, and custom pre-made parts. The basic part provides you with all the virtual objects you need to play the game effectively. Custom parts are the items that have mashes.

The essential part is the part that is only located for obbies. Moving parts are unanchored items in the game. The pre-made part is the collection of difficulties grouped down in the game. Special parts are the items that are used for décor or profit. When you collect all the parts or items, then you create an Obby. Custom pre-made or “My Pre-made” is the obby that works as a model where you can place different items. In simple, it works as your typical “Roblox Studio Toolbox.”

Team Create

Tem creates one of the major features offered by fun obby to players. If you feel difficult to create and think about the fun obby game, then this feature allows you to take help from multiple people in the game creation. It is a useful feature but too much risk because there can be trolling around the community. People who help you to create an obby can also claim it, which is not beneficial for you. The team creation does not work if a player requires claiming an obby first.


Reverting an Obby

If you are not happy with the feature of (Team Create) and don’tdon’t want that people claim your obby, then you can use the revert feature to revert your obby. It will revert your obbies in time. However, the cash balance will also revert when you use this feature.

Gamepasses of fun obby

Game passes are the tools and equipment provided by the fun obby to enhance the player’splayer’s gameplay.

Advance Tool

Many appreciate this tool because it allows people to access more creative options like lighting, floor, and music. You can enhance your fun obby’sobby’s look by doing the creativity using this tool. If you want to buy this tool, then you need 399 Robux to purchase it.

Double Cash

Many people praised this tool because it enables them to double the cash they created. Such as, if you have a 20000 cash limit, it will be 40000. If you want to purchase this tool, then you need 225 Robux.

More Space

If you want to enlarge your obbies, then this tool will be helpful for you. If you want to buy this tool, you must pay 225 Robux.

More Height

If you want to increase the height of your obbies, then it will be helpful for you. It will allow you to increase the height by 600 studs. If you want to buy this tool then you need 399 Robux.


Music is a major component that helps people to enjoy a game. Fun obby has seven songs to give good gameplay to people. Here are the names of songs in the fun obby game:

Best fun obbies on Roblox

Roblox has multiple obbies for players by which they can choose their favorite and desired obby games. Players can test their speed, enhance their skills, and check their abilities. Some of the best obbies mention below:

Two-Player Obby

People who want to check their gaming skills can play this obby. Two-player obby is a multiple-player obby in which players can participate with their family members and friends. People need teamwork and coordination with each other to complete the game.

Only two players can play this game together. It provides five maps with various puzzles and courses to work together.

Escape Papa Pizza’s Pizzeria

Escape Papa Pizza is also the best obby. PlatinumFalls develops to give thrilling and adventurous gameplay to people. In this game, players find themselves trapped in Papa Pizza’sPizza’s Pizzeria, which is a strange place with a dark theme.

Escape Prison Obby

Escape Prison obby is a mega obby that is well planned and scripted. Gamers started the game as a prisoner in a Robloxian Prison. After that, they started their journey to try to escape from the prison through pipes and cavers in the back of the prison walls.

Players must avoid falling into harmful waste and lava, navigate the air duct and vents, and choose the right path to escape.

Escape Inflatable Obby

Escape Inflatable is also one of the best obby to at Roblox gaming platform. It is an enjoyable game that gives chilling gameplay to people.

In this game, players get a massive inflatable area that offers them different themes like Jungle, Beach, Space, Horror, and many more. People need to complete its 175 stages to win the game. It is suitable for those who want to get a simple course. Players do not need to do anything hard to finish their levels.

Escape the Carnival of Terror

Escape the carnival of terror is also a scary obby in which people get thrilling and adventurous experiences. Platinumfalls also develop it. Players entered an abandoned carnival to escape an evil clown and get out alive.

Escape of terror is also a well-scripted game that offers wonderful graphics for Roblox with falling leaves, shadows, and many more. Escape of terror is a difficult course in which players must avoid blowing smoke, falling in the pits, and facing other obstacles.

Super Parkour Obby

Super Parkour is also one of the best obby on the Roblox. IPlayFoot developed this obby. It started from simple and easy levels the continuously provided hard levels time by time.


Fun obby is a type of game that is offered by the Roblox gaming platform. People can create their obbies on Roblox and play with the obbies developed by others. I hope this article will be helpful for you.

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