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It’s All About Video Marketing: What Should Companies Know?

Video Marketing

It’s All About Video Marketing. What Should Companies Know?

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Video marketing is taking over the digital marketing scene as more people continually prefer consuming video content. Besides, videos offer digital marketers a great way to engage and connect with their customers, enabling them to pass the message across effectively. However, video marketing is constantly evolving.

New technologies emerge and marketers adopt new content styles. If you are to be successful in video marketing, staying on top of what is happening in the sector is crucial. In this article, we discuss some of the latest trends and developments in video marketing that you should know about. We also show you how you can leverage them to drive results.

Live streaming

Live streaming has become a growing trend for businesses and individuals alike. Introducing live features in social media platforms has made it easy to experiment with interacting with followers in real time. The good thing about sharing live footage with your audience is that it gives your digital marketing a human element. It is also a more authentic way to interact with your audiences. You can learn more about your customers through the real-time feedback that you receive.

You can leverage live streaming capabilities on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Linked In and Twitter. Use live streams to do demonstrations or give a sneak peek of an upcoming product. You can also try streaming an event or hosting a Webinar or a Q&A to educate your audience more about your products or services.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Videos are great at allowing target users to see how a product or service works before deciding to buy. Virtual reality and augmented reality only make the experience a little more immersive. VR and AR allow users to see a product in 3D, which stimulates real-life experiences in a virtual interactive environment. It is more like allowing the viewers to “demo a product” before buying.

Incorporating VR in your videos can revolutionize how you present your products or services to the target audience. For instance, you can use virtual reality to show your customers what a piece of furniture or décor can look like in their houses. Give 360-degree visuals to offer an immersive experience.  

Interactive videos

Keeping your viewers engaged is vital for successful video marketing. And, interactive videos help marketers achieve just that. By adding interactions with the viewers in the videos, marketers can keep viewers engaged for longer.

Creating an interactive video requires you to add different functionalities to the video. For instance, you can add a quiz or poll related to the content. Other functionalities include hotspots, branches, and data inputs among others. Since this can get tricky, you can consider working with a professional video production company. Outsource to BPO companies in Kosovo, Albania, Croatia, or elsewhere to find one that suits you. A reliable video production services provider will provide the needed support and resources to create videos that align with your goals.

Short form videos

The attention span is shrinking, which makes it challenging to capture the attention of the consumers. But, thanks to short-form videos such as YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels, marketers can pass the message in a short time. This increases engagement and helps with SEO. Short videos also allow you to leave out the fluff and unnecessary information, resulting in memorable pieces.

You can use short-form videos strategically to elicit emotions and connect with the consumers. Some successful content that you can try include challenges, product teasers, event teasers, customer testimonials, and behind-the-scenes among others.


Vlogs or video blogs have long been used by celebrities and individuals to interact with their followers. Now they are rapidly finding their way in businesses as brands embrace this video type to connect with their audiences. Just like live streaming, vlogs can be great for humanizing your brand. You increase engagement and authentically interact with your customers.

You can create vlogs demonstrating how your products work. Also, you can try showing a daily routine or skincare routine if you deal with beauty products.


Video marketing remains one of the most effective ways to connect with customers in digital marketing. If you are looking for ways to revamp your strategy, there you have several trends that you should start incorporating today. 

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