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Simon Guobadia net worth

Simon Guobadia net worth
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Simon Guobadia net worth is $40 million. He is a Nigerian-American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and executive producer, underscoring his achievements across various sectors. Guobadia is widely famous as a prosperous entrepreneur and notable philanthropist. The expertise and dedication of the man to philanthropic activities have firmly positioned him as a prominent figure in the business and humanitarian arenas.

Biography of Simon Guobadia

Early life 

Simon Iyore Guobadia, born on June 2, 1964, in Nigeria, came from an upper-middle-class family and grew up alongside seven siblings. He stands approximately 5 feet 11 inches tall, with striking black eyes. His father, Stanley Guobadia, concluded a distinguished career in the Nigerian Prison Services, ultimately retiring as the Assistant Director of Prisons, and his mother, Martina Guobadia, retired as an English School Teacher.

Guobadia’s ethos centers around innovation, enterprise, and faith. Transitioning from a successful tenure as a Certified Public Accountant specializing in Audit & Accounting, Transactional Tax Consulting, and Software Development for esteemed global firms, he ventured into entrepreneurship, departing from the corporate world to carve his path.


Simon Guobadia spent his formative years in Nigeria, where he completed his elementary and high school education. He then attended Loyola College, a Catholic boarding high school supervised by Jesuit priests in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Continuing his educational journey, he pursued studies at Government College Ughelli in Delta State, Nigeria, before moving to the United States in 1982.

Upon his arrival in the United States, Simon was determined to continue his education. With dedication and hard work, he earned his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in accounting from the University of the District of Columbia in Washington in 1993.

 Source Simon Guobadia net worth and Business Ventures 

The sources of Simon Guobadia’s fortune are a variety of business endeavors and investing operations across multiple industries. He has deliberately diversified his portfolio through his involvement in real estate development, technological startups, entertainment ventures, and other business pursuits. Guobadia may invest in real estate by buying land for investment or development, and he may also support up-and-coming software companies and creative entrepreneurs with his technological holdings. In addition, he is also involved in event promotion, talent management, and film production in the entertainment industry. The primary driver of his financial success and a significant contributor to his total net worth is his diverse business ventures.

Philanthropy and Charitable Contributions

Further, on his achievements as an entrepreneur, Simon Guobadia embodies a commitment to philanthropy, actively championing various charitable causes. With a net worth of $40 million, he recognizes the significance of giving back to society and enhancing the well-being of others. Guobadia’s philanthropic initiatives have significantly impacted countless lives, serving as a beam of inspiration for others to embark on compassionate endeavors.

Simon Guobadia; Personal Life and Relationships

Simon Guobadia attracted considerable media focus in 2021 when he announced his engagement to reality TV personality Porsha Williams. Their relationship rapidly became the target of public attention, sparking discussions and debates among fans and critics alike regarding their rapid romance. Despite the survey, Guobadia and Williams have steadfastly supported each other publicly and privately. Their engagement marks a significant milestone in their lives, with supporters eagerly anticipating their future together as a couple.

Simon Guobadia; Achievements and Accolades

Simon Guobadia’s entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors have garnered widespread recognition and honor in his field. With an estimated net worth of $40 million, Guobadia has solidified his position as a prominent figure in the business area.

As the founder and CEO of SIMCOL Group, a real estate development and investment firm, Guobadia has steered the company to remarkable success. Under his guidance, SIMCOL Group has emerged as a lead player in the real estate sector, boasting a portfolio of thriving projects and a reputation for excellence. His dedication to excellence, innovation, and philanthropy has earned him widespread respect and admiration in the industry.

Simon Guobadia’s Net Worth Future Endeavors

Simon Guobadia continues to exude dynamism, with promising ventures on the horizon. He is renowned for his entrepreneurial flair and forward-thinking mindset, Guobadia consistently explores new avenues to expand his influence across diverse industries.

An upcoming project involves the launch of a groundbreaking technology startup aimed at transforming the real estate landscape. With his keen expertise in property development and investment via SIMCOL Group, Guobadia aims to utilize advanced technology to optimize operations, strengthen customer satisfaction, and promote sustainability in the real estate industry. Additionally, Guobadia is channeling his efforts into philanthropy by laying the groundwork for a foundation dedicated to advancing education initiatives in underserved communities. Through scholarships, mentorship programs, and collaborations with educational institutions, he aims to authorize young individuals and pave the way for their success.

As Guobadia continues to drive forward in his professional and philanthropic endeavors, his commitment to effecting positive change and leaving a lasting impact. With his unwavering resolve and entrepreneurial zeal, the future holds boundless opportunities for Simon Guobadia to make a meaningful difference in the upcoming years. 

Legacy of Simon Guobadia Net Worth 

Simon Guobadia’s remarkable achievements and philanthropic endeavors are poised to leave an experience legacy for generations. As a highly successful entrepreneur, Guobadia has cultivated a multimillion-dollar empire through business ventures, notably as the founder and CEO of SIMCOL Group. With a net worth of $40 million, his entrepreneurial drive and unwavering determination have propelled him to remarkable heights in the business area.

However, Guobadia’s legacy extends far beyond his financial success. His philanthropic pursuits have made a profound impact, uplifting communities and transforming lives. Through his contributions, Guobadia has championed various causes, spanning education, healthcare, poverty alleviation, and youth empowerment.

Guobadia’s commitment to giving back is palpable in his steadfast support for local organizations and initiatives. His boundless generosity is evident as he utilized his wealth and influence to effect positive amendment in society. Whether it involves constructing schools, funding scholarships, or providing resources for underprivileged communities, Guobadia remains dedicated to enhancing the well-being of others.

Current Net Worth of Simon Guobadia

Simon Guobadia’s current net worth is reportedly approximately $40 million. This substantial sum is a tribute to his accomplishments across a spectrum of business ventures, particularly in real estate investment and entrepreneurship.

Guobadia boasts a diversified investment portfolio, with his financial investments contributing to the augmentation of his net worth. Additionally, his philanthropic endeavors underscore his commitment to community service.

While it is necessary to acknowledge that net worth estimates can fluctuate based on market conditions and other variables, Guobadia’s proven track record in building successful businesses and making prudent investments suggests that his net worth is more likely to continue its upward trajectory in the future.

Future Outlook for Simon Guobadia Net Worth

Simon Guobadia’s net worth has seen remarkable growth over time, propelled by his sharp business ventures and financial investments. However, several factors hold his net worth in the future.

One significant factor is the volatility of the real estate market, in which Guobadia has made substantial investments. Fluctuations in the market could impact his net worth, especially if there is a downturn.

Furthermore, the overall state of the economy is another critical consideration. Economic recessions or downturns could adversely affect Guobadia’s businesses and investments, thus impacting his net worth.

Additionally, amendments in government policies and regulations could cause risk to Guobadia’s net worth. Amendments in tax laws, for instance, might result in increased tax liabilities for him and his enterprises.

Despite these potential challenges, Guobadia has manifested his adeptness as an investor and entrepreneur. He boasts a commendable track record of success. With continued strategic investments and prudent financial planning, he remains well-equipped. This helps to navigate any obstacles that may arise, ensuring the continued growth of his net worth in the future.


Simon Guobadia’s net worth is a testament to his steadfast determination and entrepreneurial drive.  Guobadia has showcased an adeptness in navigating the complexities of the investment realm.

His philanthropic endeavors and dedication to making a positive impact on society further underscore his success. The assets he has amassed over the years include luxury vehicles and properties. These are tangible evidence of his diligence and commitment to his craft.

Presently estimated at several million dollars, Simon Guobadia’s net worth is poised for further growth. As he continues to expand his business endeavors. He also explores new investment opportunities and contributes to the betterment of society.


When was Simon Guobadia born & where did he grow up?

Simon Guobadia was born on June 2, 1964, in Nigeria. He grew up in an upper-middle-class family with seven siblings.

What is Simon Guobadia’s height and eye color?

Simon Guobadia’s height is about 5 feet and 11 inches & his eye color is black.

Where did Simon Guobadia receive his education?

Simon Guobadia completed his elementary and high school education in Nigeria. He attended Loyola College and Government College Ughelli before immigrating to the United States in 1982. He later graduated with a BBA in accounting from the University of District Columbia in Washington in 1993.

What are some of Simon Guobadia’s business ventures and sources of wealth?

Simon Guobadia’s business ventures include real estate development, technology startups, and entertainment ventures. He has diversified his portfolio to capitalize on opportunities across multiple industries.

Can you describe Simon Guobadia’s philanthropic efforts?

Simon Guobadia is a dedicated philanthropist who actively contributes to various charitable causes. He understands the importance of giving back to the community and has made a positive impact through his contributions.

What upcoming ventures does Simon Guobadia have in the works?

Simon Guobadia planning to launch a new technology startup aims at sparking a revolution in the real estate industry. He also aims to establish a foundation that supports education initiatives in underprivileged communities.

How much is Simon Loyer Guobadia’s current net worth estimated to be?

His current net worth is estimated to be around $40 million. He attributed this to his success in various business ventures, including real estate investment and entrepreneurship.


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