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Solo bug player chapter 1: See details

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This article contains information about “solo bug player chapter 1.” People who are anxious to know about solo bug player chapter 1 can head into this article. So, let us start our discussion.

Solo bug player is an action, adventure fantasy novel that Author Cheongcho wrote and artist Kiminteu illustrated. It is about players who did nothing except their work.


He played his MMORPG Paradiso a game. He passed away while playing the game but was granted a second life. In the game he played once, he finds himself secured as Jared, a fat lord in the unpopular town.

Solo bug player Overview

Solo bug player is a Manhwa novel available in both RAW and English versions. The storyline of this novel is about a game player who did not do anything in his life except play his favorite game, MMO Paradiso, all the time.

Solo bug player Overview

He died while playing the game but he was rescued as Jared. Jared is a fatty city lord in the game who wants to lose weight. He set a goal to lose weight and want to become powerful.

General Information about solo bug player

Solo bug player is a wonderfully entertaining novel. It is famous among manga lovers. People frequently read this novel after its release. Some of the general information about the solo bug player is mentioned below:


Solo bug player



Entertainment, Novel





  Artist / Illustrator



  Official Translation

English and Korean



Action, Comedy, Adventure, and Fantasy


Solo bug player chapter 1


As this article is about only solo bug player chapter 1 s, we will discuss chapter 1 here. Solo Bug is a novel that Cheongcho inscribes. This novel contains 14 volumes and continues. The novel’s storyline revolves around a youngster Shin-Tae Pong who is a player or champion in the game ‘Paradise’ or ‘Paradiso.’ He played this game regularly because it was his favorite game. He does not do anything except play the game.


He died one day during playing his game and revitalizes or gets a second life as the Paradise game character “Jared Escalates.” Jared is the lord of a small town in the game. He is too fat. He uses his game experience and knowledge. He uses his gaming experience to save himself from the future ‘Great Nasu War” in the game.

The storyline of the first chapter

After getting aware that Shin died in his real world, he gets a second life in the Paradiso game as the character of the game “Jared.” Jared awakens from his sleep in shock. The first person who meets him is a “Haze.” She is his house cleaner and loves interest, Jared. Firstly, Jared was unfamiliar with her and puzzled about her situation. In the game, Jared gradually comes to know about her and his existing condition when he looked at the Nas continental calendar.


Now, come to his appearance. Jared is a huge and fat personality with great fatness. When he learned about his fatness and health condition, he became worried about it. Soon he memorizes the future “Great War,” which added to his misery. The war results from great and dangerous food crises and famine, due to which different nations fight each other for food.


Soon, Jared comes to know that he is familiar with the tricks and gameplay of the game. Therefore, he uses his knowledge and game experience to survive in the game. He plans to get all the benefits because he has extreme knowledge about the game. He also strategizes to become the toughest and most powerful soldier who saves the world from the future “great war.” Therefore, he went to his room and find out an artifact that his father “Viscount Barret” gave him.

Fortunately, Haze was around Jared, and she watched him with his father’s magical artifact. After that, he broke the ornament to unlock the evil spirit, Isabella. Using Isabella, Jared started to plan his success journey. In this scene, the first chapter of the solo bug player ends.

Where do you read the solo bug player chapter 1?

Solo bug player is a manhva novel inscribed by Chaongcho and illustrated by artist Kiminteu. It is available in both RAW and English version. It is popular among people. The RAW version of the solo bug player is available on the official source “Kakao” using the link https://page.kakao.com/home?seriesId=54748024 and the translated English version is available on the Tapas.io website using the link: https://tapas.io/series/solo-glitch-player/info.

Moreover, if you want to read them using unofficial sources, you can find them on scanlation sites like “MangaDex” and “MangaNelo” with a huge range of other translations.

Who was the writer of the solo bug player?

Solo bug player is a manga novel that Cheongcho writes. It is a popular novel. It is available in its RAW versions and available in other translated languages. The storyline of this novel revolves around a youngster Shin-Tae Pong who plays a game regularly and dies during the game. However, he awakes shocked in the game and gets a second life. After that, he made struggled to survive in the game.

When was the solo bug player released?

Solo bug player is a Manhva novel that was released in 2020. It is an action, adventure, comedy, and fantasy novel. Cheongcho inscribed it.

What are the alternative names of solo bug players?

The other names by which solo bug players are known are Bug Players, Bug Using Players, Glitch Master, I’m a Player that will use all the bugs, I’m bugged that will alone benefit from the bugs, Na Hollo Beogeulo Kkulppaneun Pellueieo, and Solo Bug-using Player.

What is good in a solo bug player?

Solo bug player is a popular novel that is especially among manga lovers. The things that are best in solo bug player are mentioned below:

·     Plot and Story

The storyline of this novel is incredibly good and wonderful. It is continued. You will find out the action, fantasy, adventure, and seriousness once in this novel. The storyline is perfect throughout the novel. It contains suspense as well.

·     Art Style (Season 1)

The art style of this novel is also good. The storyline is best throughout the whole novel. It gives MMORPG vibes to people. It is enjoyable and provides endless entertainment to people. People enjoy the character’s appearance, design, funny faces, and jokes in the novel. It makes readers fresh and makes people excited when they read this novel.

·     Characters

The characters of the novel are incredibly unique. The character’s appearance is good and enjoyable. Their jokes and possess are also enjoyable. People think they interact with the character when reading this novel. People enjoy everything from the characters to the storyline while reading this novel.

What is not good in the solo bug player?

Everything that has some good features in it also has some bad features in it. The thing that people do not like in the solo bug player is mentioned below:

·     Art Style (Season 2)

A thing that people consider bad in the solo bug player is its art style in season 2. The art style in season 1 is incredibly good compared to the art style of season 2. Season 2 contains 41 chapters, but they had a bad art style. They make people bored, and people leave to read it when they reach the 30th chapter.


The art style is not good as it was in the first chapter.

In how many languages were solo, bug player chapter 1 officially translated.

Solo bug player is one of the popular Manhva novels, especially among manga lovers. Solo bug player is officially translated into two languages English and Korean. You can also read them in other translated languages by unofficial sources like MangaDex and MangaNelo.

Which type of solo bug player novel is it?

Solo bug player is a popular novel. Manhwa lovers frequently appreciate it. It is famous among people because it gives different vibes simultaneously. It is an action, adventurous, and comedy novel. It provides endless fun and entertainment to people when they read it. People enjoy the character’s appearance, communication style, storyline, dialogue delivery, and everything in this novel when they read it.

Who is the main character of the solo bug player?

The story’s main character is Shin-Tae Pong, a game player. The whole storyline revolves around this novel. He is a gem player who regularly played the game, Paradiso. He died when he played the game. He gets a second life in the game, and I was shocked when he gets aware of it. In the game, he played the role of a fat city lord. He tried to survive in the game using his gaming experience.

Final Words

Solo bug player chapter 1 is the part of the famous manhwa novel. It is a good mantra that gives endless fun and entertainment to its reader. I hope this information given here will be sufficient for you.

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