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One of the top producers of casino content at the moment is Brian Christopher. Being the first YouTuber to achieve such a partnership, his fame has allowed him the possibility to develop a unique gaming area at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Brian Christopher Slots net worth as of 2022 is $3 million.

 Brief History

On February 26, 1981, Christopher was born. Malta, a country in Europe, is where he was born. He was the oldest of two children, too, and was raised in Burlington, Canada, by a professor and a golfer.

Little is known about Brian’s early life, however, it is known that he had a brief acting career before entering the worlds of gambling and vlogging.

He appeared in a few drama series, such as The Listener and The Leftovers, in supporting roles. With the television program Stock and Awe in 2010, Christopher acquired a more significant job. He played Wes Tarmak in seven episodes.

Brian Christopher slots today

In 2009, the aspiring actor began uploading videos to his YouTube site to share some of his acting experiences. In 2016, he made the decision to begin documenting his victories in casino games. He gave his channel the name “Brian Christopher Slots.”

It started off as a hobby, but as more subscribers joined, he started taking it more seriously. To work on the channel, he employed more personnel. Britt Carter, a former employee of Disney, was chosen by Brian to be his manager.

Christopher’s channel was suspended by YouTube in 2019 for violating the site’s community standards. Many argued that he wasn’t doing it improperly, though. His channel was reopened following a re-review. It currently has around 503,000 subscribers.

 How Brian Christopher Slots changes his name.

Even though it seemed like YouTube and slots channels were going separate ways, Christopher appealed to get his YouTube channel reinstated as soon as it had been suspended. The appeal detailed how he had not transgressed any of the rules of the website.

You guessed correctly that he was denied, I suppose, at this point. likewise without justification.

At this point, it was clear that Christopher’s situation was dire. However, YouTube abruptly decided to restore his channel after that. After further review, the website informed Brian via email that he didn’t break any rules. The Big Jackpot and other comparable channels received the same treatment.

Why Brian Gambles and The Big Jackpot were initially taken down is still a mystery. No matter how clean, does YouTube have anything against gambling channels? Maybe it has to do with the website’s algorithm. Was a certain quantity of videos determined by YouTube’s artificial intelligence to be excessive for these specific channels?

You see, there are drawbacks to contemporary technology. especially when that technology is autonomous and able to pull whatever it sees fit. Maybe it became distressed after watching one of Christopher’s videos of group pull slots!

AI isn’t always accurate in identifying those who break rules. It is prone to unusual errors and doesn’t employ the same common sense approach as human monitors. YouTube abruptly flagged a number of channels that discuss slots and gambling. This indicates that after making a few errors, their algorithm may have been modified and refined.


Having said that, YouTube does employ thousands of people to watch over websites. However, the corporation rejects millions of movies each month, requiring a lot of overtime for the typical employee each day.


When searching for offensive content, the AI exerts considerable effort. Furthermore, it appears that the computers may have made a mistake in this instance. The most important thing is that Christopher’s channel was restored. 

The most important thing is that Christopher’s channel was restored. Later, he would create a tonne more videos and change the name of his online presence to Brian Christopher Slots.

 Personal life of Brain Christopher slots


Without a doubt, Brian is a pioneer in the industry and one of the top influencers in the casino gaming industry. He has been married to his husband, Marco, for more than ten years and is transparent about his personal life. In a tavern in London, Ontario, the two were first introduced to one another.

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Earnings and Net Worth

His YouTube channel generates between $24,900 and $397,700 in ad revenue annually. In addition to YouTube, he streams his casino sessions on Twitch, where his audience can donate. He also sells his merchandise on his website,

He is a patron on Patreon. Fans of Brian are known as “Rudies,” and there are $10 to $1,200 in monthly subscription prices. He has, of course, profited from his agreement with the Plaza Hotel and Casino. His total sources of income add up to a $3 million net worth.

Hotel and Casino Plaza

Over the years that Brian has been live streaming and producing videos, he has had numerous sponsorship agreements. However, his partnership with the Plaza Hotel and Casino may be his most significant one.

The well-known Las Vegas casino made an announcement about its collaboration with the YouTuber. They named the gaming space, which includes 16 of Christopher’s favorite slot machines, “Brian Christopher Slots at Plaza.”

The Plaza Hotel and Casino wanted Brian’s enormous following to come to their place of business. In the world of casino vlogging, this was seen as a significant advancement.

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 Brian Christopher Slots 2022

I upload or go live seven days a week while playing slots at casinos all around the world, and I also record an additional live video on my LIVE channel once a week, for a total of about 400 videos every year! I used to visit the casino a few times a year, but ever since my YouTube channel became popular, I had to go pretty frequently in order to produce more videos. Your help will enable me to keep producing daily videos, pay my crew a living wage, and plan additional meet-ups with my followers.

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