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Minecraft How to host a server

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Minecraft How to host a server

Minecraft is a game playing world widely and people and children like to play minecraft. You can make your own minecraft server and here the question arise if you can make your own minecraft server then how you can make it. Here I am telling you how to create your own minecraft server and after getting or creating your server you can play minecraft with multiplayers like your family members and your friends also. You can play at international level minecraft after getting your own server. You can enjoy an amazing experience by this. I am telling you step by step that how to create your own minecraft & see minecraft how to host a server.

Minecraft Java Edition

The first step to create your own minecraft host server is to get minecraft java edition. You purchase or get the mine craft java edition. If you have window ten edition of minecraft you cannot make your own server. For hosting your own server it is important to get the java edition of minecraft. If you want to host your own server, so get and download the java edition of minecraft. After downloading the java edition of minecraft you can go through the next process of creating server.

Get latest version of Java

For the process of creating your own minecraft server it is important that you must have the latest version of Java. If you don’t have, then download or install the latest version of Java. Minecraft needed Java for running the game and the latest version of java helping you to create your own server without any problem and without any difficulty.

How to download the minecraft server

How to download Minecraft java edition server

How to run the server

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After making your own minecraft hosting server, you need to know how to run your minecraft server. For this purpose we need to create batch files which help us to run our server easily and rapidly.

For creating batch file follow the steps bellow.

  1. Return to your server folder and click right to create a new document.
  2. After creating a new document, give it a suitable name and this document help us to run our server easily and make our work easy.
  3. after naming your document file, open this document file and place your text in this document which help you to run your server rapidly and without any problem.
  4. we need to find out two proper lines with more RAM memory and these two lines are –Xms1024M and second one is –Xmx1024M, these two lines give more RAM memory to run our server affectionately. These give gigabytes of ram to our server to run rapidly.
  5. We needed server.jar to run our server rapidly and we already create server.jar in the same folder.
  6. Then go in your window setting and make sure that your window always opens your batch file. this can help you in dealing the problems such which are comes in the launching of your hosting server and helps you to deal the difficulties which comes during the play.
  7. In the next step it is essential to save this file, go to files and save this file with a suitable name. You can give it the name as batch file. It helps you to find it rapidly from your file folders.
  8. after saving this file and giving it name, go to your menu, go to your text document and includes and attach all file with it which are creating by you.
  9. After adding all files in your text document give it a suitable name and this create the new version of your server. This new version is your batch file.
  10. After creating new versions it is essential to delete your previous files which make you confuse. Delete your old text file and run your new files which are batch file.
  11. Now batch file is starting to work.
  12. Now it is essential to test that, is your server launch with the batch file or not. go to your new batch file and start your server. If our server does not lounge then check out is the file name place by you right or no. put correct jar file to launch your server.
  13. Your server is launched and now goes out of the server window and command window as you launch your server.
  14. You can set your server as you wish.
  15. Try to run your server more rapidly and smoothly as your friends can find your server out and can join your servers and play Minecraft with you.
  16. If your server has any problem then solves it rapidly to give a good and excellent service to your friends and followers.

How to set up server properties

Now it is essential to watch server properties and you can change your server properties as you want. You can decide which type of game you want to play on your Minecraft server.

For setting Minecraft server properties, follow the steps mentioned below.

Many options are appear on your computer’s screen. Most important property is Gamemode=Survival property by which your players play by your servers by default. Second one important property you need to know is Gamemode=creative, by this property players can build, break and players are unbeatable by this game mode. The next property is spawn-monster=true, by this property monsters and enemies of your players are shown in game. Changing this property to spawn-monster=false, monster does not appear in your game.one main property in your minecraft server is pvp=true, pvp means players vs. play. This property controls that can Minecraft How to host a server.

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