Improve Your Ecommerce Experience with BigCommerce: New Benefits and Features

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In recent years, there has been a widespread change in the operation of the online business. The measure of eCommerce stores is skyrocketing, and online buying has come to be the new norm. Even though plenty of corporations are switching to online, how can you make certain your eCommerce website online is specific and meets consumer needs? Selecting the ideal bigCommerce platform is the best choice which makes a worthwhile eCommerce business enterprise.

The BigCommerce platform is one of the eCommerce platforms that includes several modules and features that improve performance. By making an investment in expert ecommerce website development services, online businesses can live competitively and adapt to evolving marketplace trends. Let’s see the features and advantages of BigCommerce:

What is BigCommerce? 

BigCommerce, an open SaaS platform, is ushering in a new eCommerce technology. BigCommerce allows you to find an infinite, extensive style of opportunities for improvement, innovation, and growth. BigCommerce’s appealing design device lets you create revolutionary and appealing maintenance reports with equal time as controlling operational complexity through this secure and simple-to-use eCommerce platform.

Features of BigCommerce 

  • Customization and Functionality 

BigCommerce’s software is made to help you enhance every element of your online shop. You can customize your website with the platform to reflect your style and interests. Built-in capabilities improve sales and site visitors, advancing B2B and B2C organizations.

Its variety of format alternatives and customizable functions guarantee a continuing shopping experience for you and your customers. Its themes are routinely optimized for various gadgets and convert efficiently.

Custom ecommerce Development Companies allow you to create a distinctive online store using integrating custom layout templates that meet your precise business needs.

  • Omni Channel 

Selling over several channels is known as omni-channel selling. BigCommerce’s omnichannel improves your business by engaging with the modern buyer.

Customers are given the ability to shop through many channels at their convenience due to this technological integration. Its seamless approach allows you to grow across several platforms and manage everything from a single, convenient location.

This feature connects social networking, internet advertising, physical shopping, and online markets. Listing your products on websites like Amazon and eBay enables you to reach out to clients as soon as they begin their search. This strategy is known as omni-selling.

  • Customer Segmentation 

BigCommerce permits sellers on the “Plus” plan and higher to categorize customers through groups, normally called segmentation. While this selection benefits many kinds of stores, business-to-business websites want it.

Segmented purchasers can deliver to a membership group for discounts, a wholesale group for decreased pricing, a tax-exempt group for tax exemption, or a loyalty program for unique incentives. Additionally, stores might restrict particular categories and products to specific categories of people.

  • Abandoned Cart Saver

Sellers using the “Plus” plan and higher can also utilize this functionality. Customers who have left the checkout without completing their transaction can get hold of automatic emails from you if you use the Abandoned Cart Saver. You can adjust the emails’ appearance, content, and transport schedule.

For instance, you can send an email reminding a customer to finish the checkout procedure within an hour. A follow-up e-mail with a discount code to inspire the acquisition may be sent routinely 24 hours later if the purchase isn’t always finished.

  • Ratings and Reviews

A special technique for consumer evaluations and scores is blanketed with BigCommerce. This system is available on any product page and may turn on with just one click. You may also configure management to help prevent spamming and set critiques for manual or computerized approval.

Additionally, BigCommerce gives an editable template for e-mail invites to test out currently bought products. BigCommerce’s built-in reviews and rating system make it a first-rate option for beginner dealers.

Benefits of BigCommerce 

  • Better Customer Support

If you are new to e-trade and have no experience with online shop builders, BigCommerce has a helpful customer support team. It is important to work with an ecommerce platform that gives first-rate customer support. BigCommerce has proven to be a dependable accomplice for many ecommerce businesses over the last ten years.

This is shown in the numerous positive feedbacks and referrals from existing clients. Choosing experienced ecommerce website development services is the best option that offers the best customer support around the clock.

  • Flexibility and Scalability

The flexibility and scalability of the platform are two of the big benefits of BigCommerce. This platform can meet your specific enterprise needs. Additionally, as a scalable platform, you could sell your products through several sales channels.

BigCommerce allows you to sell your products on popular marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping. Similarly, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest may help you scale and capture extra clients and sales possibilities.

If you own a physical shop, BigCommerce lets you sell online and offline, increasing foot traffic to your establishment. The structure of the platform’s flexibility and scalability allow you to build your commercial enterprise at your speed and with no trouble.

  • SEO Capabilities

In an increasingly aggressive market, prospering your eCommerce enterprise is not an easy project. Optimizing your store to match the search engines’ converting algorithms will become important in driving your eCommerce boom.

The pleasant characteristic of the BigCommerce platform is that it adheres to the latest SEO techniques. In addition to enjoyable SEO capabilities, including auto-optimized titles and URLs, the platform permits you to enter keyword-rich material within the search engine optimization area manually.

  • Supports multiple payment options 

BigCommerce supports the integration of an extensive range of payment gateways. With the help of BigCommerce, you can receive bills in lots of currencies from consumers all over the globe.

Payment gateways, which include, Stripe, PayPal, Google Checkout, Square, Worldpay, Clover, and others, may add to your online store.

Additionally, the platform allows customers to pay with digital wallets consisting of PayPal One Touch, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and many others. Ecommerce development services are crucial for online businesses looking to establish multiple payment options, allowing them to create user-friendly websites.

Bottom line

Adopting BigCommerce can change your e-commerce enterprise. ECommerce development agency presents a complete answer to enhance your online business, from user-pleasant interfaces to strong advertising tools. Use BigCommerce to improve your e-commerce experience and obtain an extraordinary boom.


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