Indian Minecraft servers: All you need to know about it

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Minecraft is one of the best games, and it is widely played all around the world. Minecraft is a game that enables you to build and find out your world, find out anything without any restriction, and be oppressive to yourself without any struggle. In addition, struggling for the best position are the features that someone can enjoy through Minecraft. People who want to play Minecraft need a good server to run their Minecraft effectively. If you are an Indian citizen, you will find many Indian Minecraft servers that enable you to find friends all around India, creating relations with your trustworthy ones and competing with other clans. You can experience the incredible features of Minecraft with the help of a multiplayer Minecraft server in India.

This article will be helpful for those who are looking for Indian Minecraft servers. Here, we will discuss the best Minecraft servers in India. So, read this article carefully from start to end to get further information.

Minecraft Servers in India

During the pandemic days, people are looking for an entertainment source. Minecraft provides them a source to get endless entertainment and get a good time. In this situation, they need a server to run their game effectively. Indian gaming community enjoys fame due to its YouTube community or content creators like Loggy, Chapati, and many more.

People desire to play the same game that is played by their favorite content creator play online. Therefore, the following portion contains information about the best Indian Minecraft servers.

Minecraft India website:

Minecraft India is one of the renowned Minecraft sever all around India. It is reliable for those who want to get friendly, cheat-free, good gameplay then it is best for them. It is a multiplayer server where more than one player can play Minecraft at the same time.

It provides incredible features to players for playing Minecraft. This server provides a lot of features and things that are necessary for playing Minecraft effectively. It provides many missions and events, introducing the player to grind and helping them to get a good position among other players. It offers good gameplay and a Minecraft experience to players. Therefore, if you are looking for reliable Indian Minecraft servers, this is the best choice. The IP address to get their service is,

Technogamerz’s Minecraft Server


Technogamerz is also renowned as a TG Minecraft server that serves thousands of Minecraft players all around India. Technogamerz is one of the leading Indian Minecraft servers that serves the largest Minecraft community all around the country. Ujjwal Chaurasia and his friends create it. Ujjwal is also famous as Techgamerz getting over 17 million YouTube subscribers with his Minecraft video series.

The creator creates this server to keep his enormous followers together. Initially, the creator started this server with simple survival modes. Now they provide more features and modes to give endless fun to Minecraft players. They provide cosmetics on their servers. It is the best option if you are looking for the best Minecraft server in India.



It is also one of the leading server services all around India. A cracked Minecraft server serves all the users of Java Minecraft edition and bedrock Minecraft edition. It attracts many Minecraft players due to its wonderful features and amazing services.

It offers many gaming modes to players to give them good gameplay and an entertaining experience. It engages its players by providing thrill and adventure in the game. You can also experience the floating islands of sky blocks lonely. It is good for you to join this server community if you want to get good and entertaining gameplay for Minecraft. If you are looking for a reliable Minecraft hosting service, this is the best choice.



Alonefield is a Minecraft server in India that is determined to provide good gameplay to people all around India who want to play Minecraft. It provides a cheat-free, friendly, and good environment to play Minecraft. Like all the legal Indian servers, it also attracts people due to its incredible features and good gameplay.

You can enjoy many modes on this server. It also introduced many other gaming modes. It also has a portion that helps the players to learn teamwork and responsibilities. It is a server where everyone can get endless entertainment without doing anything hard.

If you are looking for well-known and reliable Indian Minecraft servers, this is the best option.



This server claims it is one of the leading and best servers in all of India, providing 25/7 support to its customers and other features to play Minecraft effectively. They provide incredible support to beginners.

This server is suitable for both Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft, so players no longer need to worry. This server also gets feedback from the players and tries to enhance its features and services. It serves a huge population of Minecraft players in India. It is one of the most well-organized Minecraft servers in the country. It offers support to a huge range of playing modes in Minecraft. Therefore, if you want to get services from the leading Minecraft server, this is the best choice.

Skynyrd Network


It is one of the famous Minecraft servers in India. It took only one year to be qualified for the ten highest servers in India. It also provides 24/ support to its players and gets feedback to enhance its services. It provides a friendly, cheat-free, and good environment to play lego Minecraft with the people in India.

It provides an incredible experience and wonderful, highly featured gameplay to Minecraft players. It is specially built for Java edition, but it can also work for bedrock edition. Playing Minecraft on this server offers you a wonderful and exciting experience. Therefore, if you are looking for the best Minecraft server in India, this is the best choice.

MoG Network


This is also one of the renowned servers in India. They give satisfactory services to the players and offer them all the essential features to make your gameplay good. They provide the wonderful and fastest gaming experience.

It provides a huge range of gaming modes for playing Minecraft efficiently. If you try it, it is good for you if you want a good gaming experience. It offers people a good and satisfactory environment and provides them with an endless fun source. If you are looking for a reliable Minecraft server in India, this is a good option.

Hybrid Network


This server is very entertaining and provides a good entertainment source to people all around India. It provides a huge range of stuff to its players that are not commonly offered by other typical servers. It provides players with a huge range of gaming modes. This is full of entertainment. It provides customers with satisfactory services. Therefore, if you are looking for a suitable Minecraft server in India, it is a good choice.

INMC Server


It is also one of the leading servers in India. It is especially famous for its beautiful and friendly environment. If you want to play Minecraft in a cheat-free and friendly environment, this server is the best choice.

It is suitable for the cracked version of Minecraft. It provides a great choice for gaming modes to play Minecraft effectively. It provides a lot of adventures and events to make Minecraft interesting for players. They are working according to the players’ requirements and desires. They encourage the player to compete with others easily and get a good position in-game. Moreover, it provides a secure environment for players.

Absolute Network

Website: absolute

It is very beneficial to join this server because it is one of the leading and most reliable Indian Minecraft servers to get a good experience of Minecraft. It provides a lot of gaming modes to players to make their gameplay interesting and special.

They are not providing minigames and bedwars but are continuously working on them. They also allow people to earn money by providing them with jobs. They also provide a faction to give a taste of responsibility and teamwork. It is continuously growing in India and becoming popular among new Minecraft players.


How can anyone join the server?

  • Start Minecraft on your device
  • Hit the “Multiplayer” option
  • Hit the “add Server” or “Direct Connect” option
  • By hitting the “Add Server” option and adding any of your desired servers to the server list
  • A “Direct Connect” option is available, by which you only need the IP address

Final Thoughts

Minecraft is a famous game among people, especially among youngsters. However, people need the fastest and most well-organized server to run Minecraft effectively. Therefore, if you are looking for a Minecraft Server in India, then this article will be helpful for you.

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