WordPress Column Code Mai ThemeWordPress Column Code Mai Theme
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WordPress Column Code Mai Theme

Getting a unique theme for WordPress is very difficult. Many WordPress themes are available from which few are positive and few are negative. The latest theme and the wonderfully interesting theme is the “Mai Theme” which is developed by the “Bizbudding”. If you are looking for solutions for WordPress themes then you are in right place. This article is about “WordPress column code mai theme.” here you will find out everything about “WordPress column code mai theme.” so; if you want to get further information about the “WordPress column code mai theme” then you need to read this article from start to end.

Introduction of Mai Theme

Mai Theme is a global website template, which is developed by “Bizbudding. Mai theme is used as the foundation of the structure of a website. Mia’s theme is different from common WordPress themes. It is different in look and structure because it includes an engine plugin that deals with the updates and other important functioning.

Mai theme is easy to install and you can make changes to it. You can use Mai Theme as a theme for any WordPress installation because it is suitable for all types of WordPress projects.

Mai Theme enables you to develop a website easily. Mai Theme is suitable for you if you are a beginner in the web development field or if you do not have any web designer or developer on your team.

Way to get Mai Theme

Mai theme is a solution designed for WordPress themes. BizBudding designs Mai Theme. Bizbudding is a web development service that is an expert in developing amazing WordPress websites for bloggers and digital businesspersons.

If you want to get Mai Theme then you can visit the official website of Bizbudding. If you want to get the Mai theme then you need to follow the steps mentioned below:


  • Go to the Bizbudding by using the given link http://bizbudding.com/mai-theme
  • When you click on the link, it will bring you the Mai Theme info page on the website Bizbudding
  • When you open the Bizbudding website, it will give you all types of information about Mai Theme
  • When you open the Mai Theme page on Bizbudding, it will show green colored “Buy Now” option
  • If you want to get the Mai Theme then you need to press the green-colored “Buy Now” button located on the Bizbudding / Mai Theme page
  • You can easily get Mai Theme and can develop your websites or WordPress themes easily

Grid shortcodes

  • categories =”23″ tells WordPress the id of the category or categories you want to display.
  • content=” post,” tells WordPress to display posts in your grid, not pages.
  • content_limit=”25″ tells WordPress to show 25 words from each blog post.
  • columns=”4″ tells WordPress to build a 4-column grid.
  • number=”9″ tells WordPress to include 9 posts in your grid.
  • show=” image, title, date, author, content, excerpt, more_link, meta,” tells WordPress what to show.
  • image_location=”before_title,” tells WordPress to place the featured image above the post title in your grid.
  • slider=” true,” tells WordPress to make these posts into a post slider. Make sure you set the number=”9″ to a number of posts that is large enough to make sure there are more posts to view when you click the slider arrow. If you set the number=”3″ your post slider won’t slide. Because you have a 3 column grid that contains 3 posts. A 3 column grid must contain at least 4 posts before it can slide.


Features of Mai Theme

Mai Theme is a unique kind of theme for WordPress. It can easily be installed and it can operate the engine plugin, which is the key strength of the whole theme. If you want to get the strength to develop an amazing website then Mai Theme is the best solution for you. Mai Theme has incredible features, of which few are mentioned here.

  • Amazing design

This theme is incredible if you are just beginning and do not have any experience or money. Mai Theme is amazing and easy to set up. Mai Theme provides you with many themes by which you can select according to your requirements and desires.

It gives a huge variety of themes for every type of industry with many color schemes. The themes provided by Mai Theme are designed wonderfully and they look incredible. Moreover, it allows you to purchase a theme and set it up for you if you are unfamiliar with technology. Mai Theme takes care of all the technical operations in setting up a theme for you.

  • Performance

Mai Theme provides incredible themes by which you can make your website amazing. The themes provided by Mai Theme are the fastest and most SEO-focused. Many websites get down due to the theme and page speed. Mai Theme ensures that the website is faster and easily downloaded. The SEO and speed of the website are the main priority of the Mai Theme.

Mai Theme has an incredibly fast load time. Speed and performance are important for a website. Mai Theme enhances the performance of the website.

  • Created by Genesis Framework

The highest genesis framework develops Mai themes. People use genesis to make the bespoke website and for the modification of the theme. Genesis is a well-organized framework that many developers admire. Genesis and Gutenberg are joined in Mai Theme to provide you best solution.

  • Single Post Type

Some clients demand a page for every single post. If any of your customers need a website in which he/she demanded a theme that gives a page for every single post then Mai Theme is a solution for you. Mai Theme will provide you with help in developing such a website that gives a new page for every post.

This is an incredible feature for web designers and web developers because it makes the development of archive pages easiest. This is a beneficial feature provided by WordPress Column Code Mai Theme.

  • Enable to choose the color

It is one of the beneficial and favorite features provided by Mai Theme. It enables developers to choose a color scheme for the website and also gives the option set to choose a color for the website. The developers select their website’s color according to the customer’s demands and according to their own desires. It is a good feature that helps developers to develop a website according to their customer’s demands.

  • Easy modification

If you want to change something in your website, it will look very difficult, yes, modifying your website is a hard task because it needs to change many codes. Changing codes is too much annoying for web developers and designers.

Mai Theme makes modifying the website easy for developers. It allows you to change anything with a single click. It is easy to modify something on the web such as date, owner, number of comments, and many more. Codes are able for all these things but they are hard to deal with Mai Theme makes it easy and efficient for people.

  • Easy to use

You can easily use Mai Theme if you are a beginner or not an expert in the web development field. It develops themes for developers easily according to their needs and desires. Mai Theme makes it easy to develop every type of theme.

  • Fast Set Up

if you want to use Mai Theme then you can fastly be setting it up with a single click by going to http://bizbudding.com/mai-theme when you open the web page, it will enable you to buy Mai Theme fastly and then set it up easily.

  • Easy Editing

Mai Theme is an incredible tool that helps you to develop a website quickly. Mai Theme enables you to develop the back-end and front-end of the website same. It will make editing on the website easy. If you want quick editing on the website then Mai Theme is a great solution for you.

  • Font Setting

Mai Theme enables you to set the font of your website according to the requirement and according to your desires. You do not need Google CDN and Google web fonts for this purpose. If you want to be independent in font selection and feel easy, so Mai Theme is a great choice for you.

  • Header Option

Mai Theme gives you a header option. Therefore, you can easily add a header to your content.

  • Layout Setting

Mai Theme provides you with incredible options for layout settings. Mai Theme will give you the customized and well-organized layout of your blog, category, and web page. You can select the layout according to your requirement and desires.

  • Banner Area

When you post something on the website, Mai Theme enables you to select the banner image or color to display your posy globally. The image is added to the top of your post. The customizer can manage the banner area. You can enable it or not.

Mai Theme is an incredible tool that gives you wonderful features by using it, you can develop, a remarkable website.

  • Offer Quick customization

This Theme provides quick customization. Mai Theme helps to change everything from the logo, color, font, and images in your website easily. Mai Theme makes it easy to operate your website with an incredible theme.

What is the Mai Engine Plugin, which is added to your website when you use Mai Theme?

Mai Engine plugin provides protection to your website and it handles all the functionality to customize templates and themes. Mai Engine Plugin provides you update options to your website, which you can easily get advantage by the updates without damaging your website.

How many people are currently using Mai Theme?

Mai Theme is an incredible tool to develop and customize websites quickly and easily. Over 10000 users are using Mai Theme. You can use Mai Theme for your website and can check out the reliability of Mai Theme. If you are looking for a solution to develop and customize a website quickly then Mai Theme is the best option for you.

Final Words

Mai Theme is easy to support for the websites. Mai Theme enables developers to develop a website with an incredible WordPress theme without making any hard efforts. It is compatible with all types of devices and you can get many benefits by using it.

In this article, you will find out everything about the “Mai Theme.” I hope this article will be helpful for you.

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