Cerner EHR-What You Need To Know About The Software

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Cerner EHR 

Cerner understands healthcare is too essential to be left the same. The software knows the specific and challenging issues health centers encounter. Inefficient, fragmented systems limit clinics’ capacity to offer the best possible client care while also reducing your profits. Cerner provides a range of tools and capabilities throughout the care continuum, all of which are intended. To enable you to run your business, enhance workforce productivity, connect your community, and, most essential, better patient outcomes. Cerner is dedicated to acting as your trusted health care advisor, assisting your company in navigating the ever-changing healthcare landscape and achieving superior results. In this piece, we are going to talk about the top features of Cerner EHR as well as the top specialties it supports. However, if you want to know Cerner EMR cost or reviews, please schedule a Cerner EMR demo.  

Top Features of Cerner EHR 


Cerner Interoperability allows info to move smoothly throughout the spectrum. By utilizing protocols, internet connectivity, and countrywide interchange to provide doctors with access to important data from any source. Cerner EMR empowers doctors to make smarter care judgments and plan suitable care by providing a more comprehensive image of the patient.  


Greater care judgments can be made when information, photos, and material are accessible to the medical team within the EHR, resulting in improved client satisfaction. Cerner Imaging’s cardiovascular, medical, and radiology services are integrated with the EHR, giving physicians a complete picture of the client. 


With a thorough EHR, it is possible to share pictures and information seamlessly. Between health care organizations, settings of care, and physicians to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. The presence of a comprehensive patient record aids in the reduction of needless imaging. 

Integrated Practice Management System 

Cerner vs Epic and Cerner Practice Management are integrated, allowing your business to quickly browse between all features in the services, plan appointments, and gather payments on all client accounts from a unified platform. Track, maintain and administer all forms of health information digitally for a complete, safe health record. Connect individuals, procedures, and equipment with Cerner EMR to enhance workflow productivity, satisfy organizational targets and keep costs under control. 

Mobile Access 

This is probably one of the most talked-about Cerner EMR features. Everything today is about comfort, and the primary motivation for individuals to incorporate so much tech into their daily lives is to make life simpler. Cerner EMR software features a superb mobile app that allows you to examine client charts, order prescriptions, analyze tests, and much more on your smartphones. 

 In essence, the mobile app gives you access to and command over every feature in your EMR that you could formerly only do on-site. The app’s usefulness is emphasized in several Cerner EMR reviews! 

Laboratory Solutions 

Cerner provides a broad range of laboratory services that are geared to improve laboratory processes and facilitate data exchange throughout your lab system. Cerner tries to improve the laboratory’s efficiency and usefulness by launching new programs on a regular basis and forming strategic partnerships. Cerner’s laboratory team strives to provide one-of-a-kind alternatives to common laboratory issues. Positive identification tasks for physicians are devised and supplied as part of the laboratory and healthcare system workflow. 

Top Medical Specialties Supported by Cerner EHR 


Cerner cardiovascular services are integrated into the EHR, allowing for a comprehensive client record that incorporates diagnostics, therapeutic interventions, and follow-up schedules. Electrocardiogram objects are digitized and accessible within the EHR, allowing cardiologists in your clinic to collect and display ECG information in minutes after it is generated. It is no longer necessary to have a distinct ECG information platform. Cerner is noted for its extensive procedure documentation, which improves medical, financial, and operational results. 


Cerner offers a comprehensive, integrated pediatric electronic medical record to the medical team. Their purpose is to gather up knowledge from a variety of sources, physicians, and phases of life (infant, baby, child, school-aged, or adolescents) so you can concentrate on what really counts: care for children. 

Opioid Management 

Cerner’s opioid management services are developed to provide a holistic, integrated strategy to help health systems achieve their client security objectives – all while staying within the EHR. Within their regions and client populations, health institutions are dealing with the opioid problem. Every day, an average of 136 persons in the United States die from opioid abuse. Physicians require resources to determine when and how to interact with clients in the face of an outbreak. That has resulted in 350,000 opioid overdose fatalities globally.  


Cerner opioid management services are meant to provide statistics, simplified processes, and improved processes through the Cerner opioid toolkit. Cerner concentrates on initiatives to give data and suggestions for effective opioid prescribing, efficient pain management. And the diagnosis of suspected opioid misuse disorder so that clients can be connected to appropriate therapy. 


Cerner’s oncology system is incorporated with Millennium’s current EHR, extending the one client medical record to cover oncology. The EMR is committed to engaging with the market and medical professionals to improve our oncology services. In order to effectively assist the complicated cancer treatment continuum. Clinicians can access previous outpatient visits, critical care visits, lab tests, pictures, prescriptions, and other relevant medical data utilizing Cerner EMR healthcare systems. Giving the care team a complete picture of their patient allows them to make the best judgments possible. 

Emergency Medicine 

Today’s emergency rooms are under rising stress to managing growing client populations with fewer facilities. While generating income and sustaining tight quality requirements. Cerner FirstNet is well-positioned to deal with these issues. Cerner Emergency Medicine offers a full range of services and solutions. Developed by ED doctors for ED doctors. Cerner provides Emergency Medicine practitioners and caregivers with a thorough medical record that spans the whole continuum of care, from admission to release. 

Final Thoughts! 

Cerner EMR is a great software. If you are interested in knowing more about the software, make sure you schedule a Cerner EMR demo. You can also lookup its comparisons with other top-rated EMR systems like Cerner vs Epic or Cerner vs Kareo. This will give you an idea of how good Cerner EMR is if put against other top-rated EMR systems for healthcare.

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