Crello for Graphic Designers: The Best Tool to Use

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Graphic designing is very important in business and digital marketing these days. It can attract people to the website and business platform and increase web traffic. If your website appears well-designed, it can increase your website traffic. Web designing impacts web traffic, conversion rate, sales, product marketing, and other important things to enhance the business and web performance. Many tools and software are widely used for graphic designing, but not all are reliable. Crello is a graphic designing tool that is reliable for everyone who wants to enhance their website visibility.

People need a graphic designing tool by which they can edit pictures and videos. If you are looking for such tools, crello is the best choice. People who want to know further about crello can head into this article.

Crello Overview

Crello is a digital graphic designing tool that can make posters, social media stories, certificates, videos, edit pictures, zoom backgrounds, and many more without struggling hard. It does not take time to edit things like pictures and videos.

The tool is easy to use and anyone can use this tool to edit their required things. It is suitable for people who cannot afford graphic designers to make posters, banners, and other things related to their business. Marketers, social media managers, teachers, and students can also use crello to edit their photos and videos.

Crello can be used for business and personal purposes. You can edit any picture and video using this incredible tool and can do graphic designing without any experience using crello. It has a huge library by which you can pick themes to edit your required pictures and make other things like posters and banners for your product marketing.

Features of Crello

Crello is a digital graphic designing tool that enables people to do graphic designing without any experience. It provides incredible features to people who want to use this software. Some of the major features that encourage people to use this software are mentioned below:

User Interface

The user interface (UI) design of crello is very understandable, neat, and clean. It is easy to use and understand by anyone. People can easily access different features and sections on the software to edit and design anything. Its User interface is eye-catching and does not allow ads to disturb its users.

Its interface is not too complex. People feel too comfortable while using this software. Users do not need to press any complex key and use bizarre options. It is simple to use, and you need only a few minutes to design anything. All the editing features work with the drag-n-drop option. You can use the crello designing tool easily even if you do not have any design experience.

Features available in this tool are easily accessible to the user. The overall performance of this tool is wonderful, and users can get the best experience.

Graphic Designing Tools

Crello offers all the related tools for graphic designing. It has templates and themes that you can edit and design anything rapidly. You can edit photos and videos, design tickets, banners, resumes, posters, and many more for product marketing and enhancing website visibility. It is a reliable tool for everyone who does not know graphic design and has no experience in graphic design.

It provides an easy process to share your designed things on social media platforms like Facebook ads. You can earn money by designing different things using this wonderful tool. It also enables people to make custom size according to their requirements and desires. Professional designers to design anything rapidly without any trouble and hard effort use Crello. Crello is an interesting tool, and it is easy to use.

Huge Library

One more reason that encourages people to use the crello designing software is its extensive library. It offers over 50,000 templates only in its free version. If you used its paid version, you could get over one million images, thousands of videos, animations with HD quality, and over 200 million royalty-free files.

It is wonderful for you, especially when you cannot afford a graphic designer for your business and do not know anything about graphic design. You can use this software without experience in graphic design. It provides you with eye-catching designs. The crello developing team is also thought to add new designs to the software soon.

File Uploads

You do not have to attach to the content available on crello only. You can also share or upload your pictures and videos on crello designing software to edit them. Crello supports photos and videos in PNG and JPG formats. It can support 50 MB size files.

It supports videos in MP4 format. Uploaded files are displayed in the “My File” tab, by which you can choose a file on which you want to work.



One of the major issues that people face with the graphic designing tool is that they cannot use the tool after installing it on the device. However, this issue is not with crello. Crello is a digital platform accessible to anyone from anywhere without any trouble. It can work on a specific browser. You do not need any special device to use this tool.

You also do not need to do anything hard and also need to install it and sign in for its proper use. If you want to use crello on another device, you need to open the website and log in to your account to continue working on crello. It also has a mobile application to support android and iOs devices.

Video Tutorials

Crello provides many tutorials to you on its official website. Software is easy to use, but if someone feels the hassle of using this software, they can watch their tutorials to know the functioning of crello. If not anyone can use this graphic designing tool, then video tutorials can help to understand the way to use this tool.

You can find understandable and convenient blogs that can help you understand how to use crello and its graphic designing tools.

Crello is a convenient tool for graphic designing. It has all tools that are required to design something. The tools that are offered by crello are mentioned below:

Video Designing

Crello has all the tools related to graphic design. It has graphic design templates that can make designing easy for you. It is a convenient tool for beginners who do not know graphic design. You can design banners, tickets, certificates, posters, business cards, menus, and many more using the crello.

This tool can make HD videos, edit videos, and make video stories, ads, covers, and many more. The window for video editing is the same as for photo editing. Therefore, you can easily edit your videos as you edit your pictures.

In addition, crello provides new features for TikTok video editing. Therefore, if you want to make TikTok videos, you can make them easily and add animation, music, and other elements that can make your video attractive.


Brand Kits

You can also make your brand using crello. Using these wonderful tools, you can make business logos, color palettes, headings, subheadings, and many more. This tool allows people to design ads, banners, posters, and video and picture editing.

People making logos and business cards use the brand kit of this tool frequently all around the world.

Background Removal

Crello allows people to remove the background of any photo easily. The method of removing the background from any picture is easy. You only need to choose the picture and press the “Remove Background” in the editor window.

This feature is useful when you want to remove any unwanted things from your photos. You can use a single image in different locations.

Crello Support

If you have faced any issues with the crello graphing designing tool, you can send a support request on their support page. You can also request them to add you to their “User Group,” where you can ask about issues and questions related to Crello.

Other Features

Crello is a useful product for those who want to design templates, photos, videos, logos, and many other things related to graphic design.

  • You can make limitless folders to separate your projects
  • It offers you limitless storage with a Paid version
  • It is inexpensive and reliable as compared to other tools like this.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Crello

Every application and tool has some advantages and some disadvantages. Some of them are mentioned below:


  • It is a web application, so; you can use it with any OS
  • It is available for Android and iOS
  • It provides all major tools for graphic designing
  • It is convenient, so people can use it easily


  • Its free version only allows five downloads
  • Its brand kit is convenient only for professionals
  • Some common fonts like Arial are not available

Final Thoughts

Crello is a graphic design tool that makes designing easy for those who do not have any experience. This article helps you to know all about Crello. I hope the information mentioned here is useful for you.

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