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With the latest technologies, we are getting new and more efficient tools every other day. One of those tools is a password manager. It is a tool that manages your passwords for all of your accounts. It allows you to easily remember and log in anywhere. In this way, you can set more secure and stronger passwords. However, knowing what a good password manager is essential as well.


Qualities of the best password manager

Every software has a unique set of features and some overlapping features. Similarly, there are different qualities that you will find across different password managers. To select a good password manager, you need to look for the following qualities.


Support for all the platforms you use

The first thing you will need is the support for all the platforms you are using. Suppose you are a frequent user of 10 websites, but it supports only 7 of them. It will be a big NO for you.


Password generation and strength meter

You must not be doing all the hard work. The password manager must bring a password generation tool for you. There must be a strength meter as well. So, before selecting any password, you will be aware of its reliability.


Usability across different devices with sync function

We all use different devices at different times. For example, you may need to use a PC while at the office, but while you are on your way home, you may need to browse a website on your phone. So, a good password must have a sync function for all devices. In this way, your user experience will be better.


Reliability and security

You cannot call anything that manages your passwords for you a password manager. It is important to get security. So, it must provide top-notch encryption with MFA and all other security-enhancing features.


Easy recovery option

Your password manager may remember all your passwords, but what if you forget the password of your password manager? So, it is necessary to have user-friendly yet secure recovery options. It will ensure that you are never logged out of your devices.


Safe password sharing

Sometimes we need to share our accounts with someone trusted. In that case, your password manager must allow you to securely share your passwords with the person you allow. It makes sharing so much easier and more secure.


How do you manage your passwords with a password manager?

It makes the whole process of managing your passwords very quick and simple. So, whenever you create a password, you can enjoy the following services:

  • Password recommendations
  • Health check
  • Synchronization across all your devices
  • Keeping track of all passwords
  • Autofill everywhere you log in

It means that dealing with a password will only be a one-time hassle for you once you start using a manager.

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Get the safest passwords safe today with DualSafe

If you want to generate the strongest passwords quickly that are unique and complex to break by any algorithm, then DualSafe Password Manager is your best choice. The DualSafe Password Manager brings you:

  • Store unlimited passwords for free. No credit card is needed.
  • Chance to build strong passwords which are secure.
  • Password health check tool to monitor the difficulty of your password.
  • Password syncing between browsers.
  • Autofill Password feature to keep things in flow.

With DualSafe, you can keep all your passwords safe and accounts secure to prevent information leakage.

DualSafe Password Manager


These days almost everyone has a ton of online accounts. Additionally, keeping the same password is not safe and remembering different passwords is impossible. So, the best solution to this issue is to use a password. In this way, all your accounts will be easily accessible and safe at the same time.

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