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Websites are too familiar these days. For running a website effectively, a web hosting service is essential. If you are living in India and looking for a reliable and suitable web hosting service, then you are at the right place. Here, we will discuss “VPSRaja.” VPSRaja is a hosting web service in India. If you want further information, you are in the right place.

VPSRaja Overview

VPS is the short form of “Virtual Private Server.” Hosting Raja is a web-hosting server in India that offers web-hosting services to people living in India. Using VPS means that the device you use for the running website has one more device. It does not need any link or connection between the devices to connect them.

VPSRaja is an outstanding web hosting service supplied by the web-hosting firm “HostingRaja” in India. It provides quality hosting to people all around India.

General Information about VPS Raja

VPS Raja is a web hosting and VPS service in India. The general information about it is mentioned below:




Company Name 

Webhosting Raja



Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Company Status 






Company Type 

Web Hosting


Founded Date 

16 March 2006





Contact Number 



Hosting Raja is one of the leading web hosting services all around India. The company also offers excellent VPS service. They are reliable and cheap hosting providers all around India.

How do you use the VPSRaja?

VPS Raja is a hosting web service that offers web hosting services to people worldwide. Many web-hosting firms are provided VPS web hosting services, but here we are discussing Webhosting Raja.

How do you use the VPSRaja?

If you want to get the VPS Raja services, then you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the official website of hosting Raja using the link: https://www.hostingraja.in/server/vps-servers/
  • Choose your required and wished web-hosting plan
  • After that, log in to it
  • You need an ID or username and a password to log in to it
  • When you log in to the VPS server, hit the VPS start key
  • Then copy the password
  • Open the RDP file and connect
  • Paste the copied password on the RDF file
  • When you hit the “Yes” key then, the VPS will start

VPSRaja Features

VPS Raja is one of the best web hosting services in India. The significant features of VPS Raja are mentioned below:

·      Extra Storage

VPSRaja provides extra storage for the VPS server. They provide storage according to the customer’s requirement and need. It is praised all around India due to its outstanding feature.

Spam Scanner

VPSRaja provides safety to all of your emails and avoids fraud. Your emails are scanned and protected.

·      Full Control

VPS Raja provides complete control to its clients on the server, including reinstall/reboot. If you are looking for the best and most reliable web hosting services, then you can consider VPS Raja.

·      Malware Detection

VPS Raja protects your servers from malware and viruses. It protects your servers from viruses and threads. If you are looking for a protected web hosting service, VPS Raja is the best choice.

·      PHP Exposure check

It is one of the best features of VPS Raja, which encourage people to take the VPS Raja services. It is a unique feature that protects your PHP files from viruses and malware.

·      Default C SS/JS Optimizer

VPSRaja is designed to be faster in compressing files. It provides the fastest services, which help you to run your websites effectively.

·      Free SSL certificate

The SSL certificate of a website matters the most because it tells that the website is secure. VPS Raja provides free SSL certificates to its customers, increasing the website’s security.

·      Free Setup

Many web-hosting companies demand set-up fees in India for their services. However, VPS Raja does not demand set-up charges from their customers. Therefore, VPS Raja is the best option if you are looking for a good website hosting VPS service.

·      Uptime Guarantee

VPS Raja is one of the reliable web-hosting servers all around India. They provide 99.99% uptime to their customers. Therefore, if you want to get the fastest web hosting services around India, VPS Raja is the best choice.

·      Customer Support

VPS Raja is the best web hosting service all around India. They are determined to provide quality services to people all around the world. If you face any issues with their services or want to get them, VPS Raja gives you 24/7 support.

They help their customers to get quality web hosting services.

·      Apps Compatibility

You can run any application using VPS Raja because it has good compatibility. To run your website effectively, you can run NodeJS, ReactJS, Joomla, WordPress, and many others.

·      Fastest Services

VPS Raja is the fastest web hosting service in India. It hosts websites fastly by compressing the files. Therefore, if you are looking for the fastest web hosting service, VPS Raja is the best choice.

·      Reasonable Fee

VPS Raja provides a range of web hosting plans, which are all available at reasonable prices. You can select any web-hosting package according to your needs and requirements.

·      Quality Services

VPS Raja provides quality web hosting services all around India. They satisfied their customer by securing their files, data, and documents, providing security to their emails, offering them a free SSL certificate, and many more.

VPS Raja Packages

VPS Raja is one of India’s renowned and appreciated VPS or web hosting services. It offers different web hosting or VPS packages in India by which you can select any according to your desires and requirements. The basic packages offered by VPS Raja are mentioned below:

1. Basic VPS

Basic VPS is one of the VPS hosting plans provided by VPS Raja. This is a yearly plan for which customers must pay 549 per month.


  • It has Dual Core means 2CPU
  • It has 2 GB of RAM
  • It has 40 GB of disk storage
  • It has a one TB bandwidth
  • It provides Spamassassin with every VPS
  • It provides complete control to customers over the server
  • It provides Full Root/Ssh support for VPS
  • It offers malware injection scan to scan your emails
  • It provides PHP vulnerability check VPS
  • It provides an inbuilt CSS/JS Optimizer
  • It provides a free SSL certificate to customers
  • It provides good customer support

2. Extreme VPS

It is also a paid plan for VPS. You have to pay 1699 monthly if you want to get this plan.


  • It has four Core capabilities
  • It has 4 GB of RAM
  • It has 120 GB of disk storage
  • It has 4000 GB bandwidth
  • It provides free Domain
  • It provides a free Varnish Server
  • It offers a free web optimizer
  • It offers Spamassassin
  • It offers full root/Ssh access
  • It provides malware detection service
  • It provides good customer support

3. Premium Ecommerce

You can get this plan if you want to get excellent and high features. You have to pay 3999 rupees per month. It also offers to save 10 % for ten first customers.


  • It provides four Core capabilities
  • It offers 5 GB RAM
  • It provides 200 GB of disk storage
  • It provides 10000 GB bandwidth
  • It provides free Domain
  • It offers a free Varnish Server
  • It provides free web optimization
  • It provide spamassassin
  • It provides complete control to customers over the server
  • It provides full root/Ssh
  • It provides malware detection and protection
  • It provides a good customer service

You can get your desired and required plans from the abovementioned plans. VPS Raja provides you best capability to run your website effectively.


What are the benefits of VPSRAJA?

VPS hosting services provide many benefits in hosting a website effectively. VPS Raja is one of the reliable and leading VPS services all around India. When you activate VPS Raja, it provides all the necessary and required features to your website for running effectively.


It also provides complete control to customers over servers. Moreover, it offers quality CPU, best disk storage, Ram, Network, and other required things.

In addition, you will get web management options like stop, restart, and Revamp for the complete independence of the server.

Is VPS Raja a good service?

Hosting Raja is one of India’s best and leading web hosting services. This leading company also provides a VPS service all around India. It is a legal hosting service that gives fantastic hosting services.

Final Words

VPSRaja is a VPS hosting service provided by Hosting Raja web hosting company. It is an Indian VPS service that offers quality and high-class VPS all around India. It gives many incredible VPS features that a website needs to run effectively. Moreover, it enhances a website’s performance and makes it secure by providing an SSL service. VPS Raja is the best choice if you are looking for a reliable and quality VPS service. I hope this article will be helpful for you.

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